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GFR..F2F3 and GFR..F3F4


Types GFR..F2F3/F3F4 are roller type freewheels, self contained, sealed and bearing supported, using two 160.. series bearings.

They use the GFR base module. Units must be oil lubricated before use if they are delivered disassembled and in any case for the F3F4 combination. These cover combinations are primarily used as backstops, as shown overleaf. The F3* cover acts as a torque arm and has an integrated stop bolt. The stop bolt should go into a slot in a fixed part of the machine.

The stop bolt must have a radial clearance of 1–3 % of the bolt‘s diameter. The torque arm and bearings must not be prestressed in any way. F2 and F4* covers are used to close the unit. They are equipped with 3 screws for oil filling, drain and level.

If using cover type F4*, shaft end plate and its screw must be sealed to avoid oil leakage through the keyway. Covers are easily fitted, allowing on site selection of rotation direction. If requested units can be delivered assembled and lubricated for the F2F3 combination.

*These data refer to the indications in the product data sheet attached (on page 2).