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CDU Series


CDU (Continuous Drive Unit) Series Overrunning Clutches are designed to be robust for the most difficult applications. CDU Series Overrunning Clutches are intended for use in continuous overrunning applications where the system cannot be shut down for maintenance and for applications in extremely harsh and dusty environments such as coal handling systems. A CDU consists of an FSO overrunning, sprag clutch installed in a foot-mounted housing which encloses a generous supply of oil.

Product Features

  • PCE Sprags
  • Help prevent clutch damage due to transient overloads or torsional vibrations
  • Formchrome Sprags with 70 Rc Hardness
  • Maximum wear life for extended clutch service
  • Large Oil Reservoir
  • Minimum maintenance (increased lubrication capacity)
  • Grease Barrier Seals
  • Protects oil seals from dusty and abrasive conditions providing extended seal life
  • Oil Fill and Drain Ports
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Breather
  • Pressure equalization without affecting oil seals
  • Foot Mounted Unit
  • Stand alone unit provides for easy access, installation and removal without disturbing equipment
  • Optional Centrifugal Throw-out (C/T) Sprag Design
  • Provides extended clutch life by eliminating rubbing contact of sprags during overrunning portion of duty cycle
  • Oil Sight Gauge
  • Provides a convenient method for checking oil level with CDU in operation