Marland Clutch

Marland Clutch

BC Model Backstops
BC Model Backstops-image

These extremely reliable roller style, bearing supported backstops provide positive protection against potentially dangerous and damaging reverse torque runaways of inclined conveyors. Units are designed to be installed on the low-speed side of the conveyor’s head shaft drive -- where reverse torque loads originate.

CEBMAG Backstops
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The Marland One-Way CEBMAG clutch is a unique combination of a holding brake, a speed limiting brake and a overrunning clutch that provides protection to kiln drives in emergency shut down situations.

CECON Clutches
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CECON units are available with a disconnect feature that provides physical separation of the input and output shafts. This allows maintenance to be performed on the non-energized driver while the disconnect CECON is locked out in the disconnect position.

Clutch Couplings
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Automatic freewheel clutches are used in conjunction with a double engagement gear coupling. They can be produced in close coupled or spacer design to suit.

HBG Clutches
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Automatic freewheel clutch mounted on hydrodynamic brake. Allows brake to work only when lowering loads from drawworks cable reel.

RMS, RMT & RMI Clutches
RMS, RMT & RMI Clutches-image

Marland Clutch brings to the North American market a line of proven sprag type free-wheel clutches. Marland utilizes the knowledge of its sister divisions, Stieber® of Germany and Formsprag® of the United States, to manufacture world class high performance sprag clutches in the United States.

CSK Series
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The CSK model freewheel is a sprag type clutch integrated into a 6200 series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). It provides you with a one way clutch, and eliminates the need for a ball bearing. It gives a high degree of freewheeling accuracy while utilizing a minimum of space.

RSCI Series
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Model RSCI is a centrifugal throwout sprag type overrunning backstop with the inner race rotating. Only the inner race is designed for overrunning.