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CEBMAG Backstops


The Marland One-Way CEBMAG clutch is a unique combination of a holding brake, a speed limiting brake and a overrunning clutch that provides protection to kiln drives in emergency shut down situations. The CEBMAG backstop is primarily designed for installations in kiln emergency drive systems in conjunction with the Marland CECON clutch. The CEBMAG backstop allows an auxiliary drive to run the kiln at slow speed in the forward direction, while providing automatic protection to prevent the kiln from reversing and additionally provides “on demand” controlled reversing. Marland CEBMAG clutches providing protection against Kiln reverse rotation is critical to prevent the system from overspeeding. There is a great risk of personal injury or equipment damage when there is not protection against kiln reversals. The CEBMAG product is unique because it offers a dual braking system in addition to the overrunning clutch on the main shaft. On the secondary shaft connected through gearing one brake holds the kiln during emergency stopping and the second provides for the controlled release of potential energy in the kiln. The placement of the brakes and use of the overrunning clutch prevents the brakes from constant engagement during kiln operation.

Product features

  • 4 model sizes
  • Automatic freewheeling allows emergency drive torque to power the kiln in the normal direction
  • Three Clutches Completely Enclosed in special housing
  • Spring Applied brake can be released from remote location
  • Continuously self-lubricated
  • Long service life