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GFR..F1F2, GFR..F2F7 and GFRN..F5F6


Types GFR..F1F2/F2F7 and GFRN..F5F6 are roller type freewheels, self-contained, sealed and bearingsupported, using two 160.. series bearings.

They use the GFR, GFRN base modules described on previous pages. Units must be oil lubricated before use if they are delivered disassembled. Primarily used as overrunning or indexing clutches. The cover combination is chosen according to the type of drive, as shown overleaf. F2 and F6* covers are used to close the unit. They are equipped with 3 screws for oil filling, drain and level.

The shaft seal is a standard lip seal. Covers may be easily assembled by a qualified user, allowing direction of rotation to be selected on site. Alternatively, units can be delivered assembled and lubricated (except GFRN..F5F6).

*These data refer to the indications in the product data sheet attached (on page 2).