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RIZ..G2G3 and RIZ..G3G4


Types RIZ..G2G3/G3G4 are centrifugal lift off sprag type freewheels with the inner race rotating. Only the inner race is designed for freewheeling.

They are self-contained units designed for backstop applications. The overrunning speed must not be less than the minimum specified in the table (see data sheet attached below, page 2). This must be considered if using a variable speed drive. The torque bolt must be fitted into a slot on a fixed part of the machine. The radial clearance should be 1–3 % of the bolt diameter. The torque arm and bearings must not be axially loaded.

They are a type RIZ, (» see page RIZ) equipped with G type covers featuring grease pockets and contact free seals. When ordered complete, the unit is delivered grease lubricated, ready for either horizontal or vertical installation.