| Formsprag Clutch |

FSR Series


There are eight sleeve-bearing clutch models suitable for general purpose applications—overrunning, indexing and backstopping. A keyseat and snap-ring groove are provided to secure attached parts to the hub, which is ground as a mounting surface. Oil lubricated models have a Buna-N oil seal at each end of the clutch which provides positive lubricant sealing. They can be removed for free lubricant flow if clutch is operated in an oil bath.

The shaft must extend through the full length of the clutch and must be held to recommended limits because the sleeve- bearing in the outer race rides on the shaft.

Product Features

  • All FSR model clutches incorporate Formchrome® sprags
  • Models FSR-5 thru FSR-16 have the Formsprag “Free-action” sprag retainer