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Zero Backlash Torque Limiters


Torque limiters with backlash close to zero

  • ZBC is the heavy duty series
  • NBC is the light duty series
ZBC - NBC Zero Backlash Torque Limiters
  • Type H - Basic Form Pilot Bored
  • Type J - Basic Form with Clamping Elements
  • Type K - For Large Drives, Pilot Bored
  • Type L - For Large Drives, with Clamped Element
  • Type M - with Lamellar Coupling, Pilot Bored
  • Type N - with Lamellar Coupling and Clamping Equipment
  • Type P - with Flexible Coupling and Clamping Hub
  • Type R - with Flexible Coupling and Shrink Disc
  • Type T - with Flexible Coupling, Pilot Bored

Product features

  • Lower moment of inertia, reduced dimensions and weight
  • Longer lifetime, reduced wear